Welcome! My name is Sven-Erik Neve. I'm a character artist and currently looking for a position in a passionate and dedicated game development team. This is my portfolio. Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.
The Dead Mother Autodesk Maya scene

18 August 2008

Latest addition: Downloads page and second language

The Downloads page is now filled with Maya scenes and more. Also, you can now browse the website in German. The flag icons in the top right corner switch languages.

The website is now subject to a Creative Commons license that allows you to reuse my work. The License page has the details.

Front view of Lea

12 March 2008

Latest addition: Lea gallery page

I've added a gallery page for Lea, one of the two main characters of the science fiction fighting game Agôn that I've worked on at the Games Academy. Check her out.

On a side note, I've restructured the About Me page and on the Gallery page you can now navigate through all images at once. Also, there's now a Special page.

Perspective view of the Nyctalus

6 December 2007

Latest addition: Two turnaround videos

In the gallery you can now find a turnaround video of the Nyctalus. Either click on the image to the left or navigate to Gallery > Nyctalus > Page 11. The video shows the high-poly model I used to generate the normal map. Enjoy!

Also, there's now a turnaround video of the Dead Mother on the model's main page here.

The Nyctalus, a creature for the game Below & Beneath

17 October 2007

Latest update: Nyctalus gallery page

The Nyctalus now has its own extensive gallery page. The Nyctalus is a creature I've created for the action adventure Below & Beneath. This gallery page features not only images but two videos. They demonstrate several specialties of this asset's rig. Feel free to drop by and have a look at the Nyctalus. Either click on the image to the left or browse to Gallery > Nyctalus.

The Dead Mother, a creature for the game Below & Beneath

3 October 2007

Latest update: Dead Mother gallery page

I've added the first gallery page. This one's for the Dead Mother. Previously you could see a single image of this model. Now you can browse the model's history and have a close look at all images. Both rendered with mental ray and on in-game screenshots taken from the game Below & Beneath. Click on the image below or navigate to Gallery > Dead Mother. Enjoy!

The Dead Mother, a creature for the game Below & Beneath

8 September 2007

Latest addition: Dead Mother gallery page

I've added the so-called Dead Mother to the gallery. It's a creature I created for the game Below & Beneath. Modelling, texturing, rigging and posing was done by me. Drop by and have a look.