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Name Sven-Erik Neve
Address Tangermünder Weg 12
13583 Berlin
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My name's Sven-Erik Neve, I'm 41 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. I'm a character artist and looking for a job in a passionate and dedicated game development team.

Feel free to get in touch via instant messenger or drop me a line at the above e-mail address. Especially if you'd like to leave a comment or have a question.

I graduated at the Berlin Games Academy in October 2007 with a Game Artist (GA) degree. I've worked on three game projects and specialised in creating organic assets: I focus on modelling, texturing and rigging characters and creatures.

I'm an experienced Autodesk Maya user. I create true-to-the-original models based on concept sketches and adhere to a project's visual style. I provide UV maps, textures and user-friendly rigs for my assets. I also enhance Maya with custom MEL scripts where the software's native features aren't enough to get the job done. Furthermore, I'm familiar with mental ray rendering as well as using node-based compositing software like eyeon Fusion.

Check out my work samples in the Downloads section.

When I'm not creating games with like-minded developers I enjoy reading a good book, jogging and cooking. As for my gaming habits, I currently like playing Team Fortress 2. I'm also replaying two of my all-time favourites, parts one and two of the Broken Sword series.

That's it for now.